The Bożenna Chechlińska Foundation
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KRS: 0000332425

About us


The shelter for Animals in Harbutowice was founded in autumn 1999. Located in a village not far from Myślenice the one-storey house and garden with an area of 30 acres was designed by Mrs. Bożena Chechlińska entirely for homeless dogs and cats, especially for old animals, crippled and orphaned as a result of the death of the owner. Originally, the house was a refuge for several dogs and cats. At the moment, it is completely full, despite the fact that many of the animals were able to find new homes, it still holds approx. 55 animals. During severe illness and after the death of Mrs. Bożenna Chechlińska in November 2008, her sister Mrs. Margaret Dobrzańska took care of the animals and Przytulisko. At the moment, she lives in the house in Harbutowice with her husband George and together they take care of orphaned dogs.

My sister Bożenka was a very modest person, sensitive and caring. She saved the lives of many dogs and cats. She never refused help to anyone. She looked after people - the poorest, with an alcohol problem or in conflict with the law. She helped those who did not receive help from services in the community. At her place the hungry got a bowl of hot soup, people who were cold received warm clothes, the sick received medicines. It was Bożenka who first installed at home "a window of life" - a cage in front of the gate where you could incognito leave an unwanted dog or cat. She said that irrelevant are the reasons why people want to get rid of their pet, if they wish to do so, they must not be sent away from the door of the shelter, because it means a death sentence for the dog or cat. Although she had very modest financial means, each dog was treated to the end, and starved impoverished "dog miseries" quickly became beautiful dogs.


                                                        Małgorzata Dobrzańska - Dog sitter in Harbutowice

If you would like to help the dogs dwelling in the przytulisko in Harbutowice please give 1% of your tax to the Bożena Chechlińska Foundation by writing the KRS number 0000332425 in your tax form. The funds will be used to improve the fate of homeless and abused animals. Taxpayers filling tax forms PIT: 28, 36, 36L, 37, 38, 39 can support the Foundation. Please tick consent to give your data to the Foundation (section 125 in the PIT-37, 304 in the PIT-36, 128 PIT 28, 60 T-38, T-53 to 39).

Make a 1% tax donation


Burek will not ask for help by himself

Psi Los Foundation and Portal INTERIA.PL cordially invite you to participate in the fourth edition of the national campaign "Burek will not ask for help by himself." The collected funds will used to buy food for dogs and cats, which are being taken care of by the Shelter in Harbutowice. The media patron is Radio Krakow, the action is supported by Radio Katowice. The collection begins December 1, 2016 and lasts until 15 February 2017. Selected hostels and shelters from the provinces of Malopolska, Podlasie, Silesia, Warmia and Mazury and Wielkopolska will be taking part in the collection of funds.


For adoption

Just after Christmas 2016, a woman from Harbutowice called the Shelter informing that someone left a cardboard box with puppies at the bus stop. Jerzy Dobrzański went there and saw that the box contained five lovely female puppies about 4-5 weeks old. All of them were taken to the shelter in Harbutowice. They have been dewormed twice, electronically marked (with a chip) and vaccinated against infectious diseases. At the moment, they are looking for new, loving owners.The female puppies have been named Mela, Mona, Mantra, Mira, Mokka.

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